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'Resilient': short film

The above short film tells the story and history of an oppressed yet resilient race.

In the wake of the George Floyd protests (May 2020), among many others centering around the unjust treatment & brutality against black and brown people of color (poc), Aaron Joseph aims to capture the life, fight, bravery, hope, pain, and resilience of the Black American. Though Joseph was unable to attend any protest (due to his efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-19 to his family), he instead, stood in solidarity with the BLM movement, through film.


Aaron Joseph

Instagram: @aaronjoseph__


Creator, Aaron Joseph (24), attends Columbia University where he studies the Arts.

An all around creative himself, Joseph has an affinity for creating music and films.

While Joseph maintains a creatively vast roster, his priorities lie as an actor within Theatre and Peronist Arts.

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