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Purse Perception

"Jay was the one who actually suggested the idea. We did a few tweaks and this was the final product. I love when the people I work feel comfortable enough to share their creative minds. I am here to help, suggest, and snap the shot!"

- Will Whitworth

Models: Jay [pictured on the left] and Elise [pictured on the right]


"Loved the purses in these photos, they were actually bought from local thrift stores."

- Will Whitworth

*Photo inspired by the creator's vision of movement without abrasiveness.*

"A journey can be a physical one, a mental, or emotional one. Sometimes all three. You have to take those steps, hold onto those rails, and go see for yourself. Steps can be small or big, but a step is a step. Read into your own life and just know what you have and will do that you should be proud."

- Will Whitworth


Will Whitworth (@willxwhit)

Instagram: @willxwhit



Hello all! My name is William Whitworth, and I am a current student at TAMU-CC! I am a photographer and videographer at my university, with an outside business. There, I mainly do graduation shoots, and portraits. I've been doing photography for only a year, but that year was packed!

I am here to learn, and love connecting with all types of creatives.

Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @willxwhit

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